1) Abi’s inability to utilize sharp objects while I belt out a song;
2) Ann shows off impeccable dance moves as soon as lights go off;
3) Ge, after all this time, still gets #BestLaughAward!

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"so that in the ages to come he could show the ·very great [exceeding; overwhelming] riches of his #grace by being kind to us in Christ #Jesus. For you have been saved by grace through ·believing [#faith]. You did not save yourselves; it was a gift from God. It was not the result of ·your own efforts [works], so ·you cannot [no one can] ·brag about it [boast]."

Ephesians 2:7-10 (Expanded Bible)

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#GoodFriday church service. Love my seat-mates, but too hyper they drain me (esp. Bethz), hehe, JK… // ✌️

Fav. verse last night:
“…and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.” Ephesians 3:19

(#ThankYouLord, the tomb is empty so we don’t have to be.)

Nix! #Flashback: standing by the terrace when we suddenly spotted ___ in the crowd… Jodi & I called that person’s name out loud & immediately bent down; making it look like you were the only 1 up there, laughing… #ROFL:)) #peace You know we love you! 💐

#Life with all its ups & downs is a dazzle w/ genuine #friends who can be crazy & serious with you in a span of hours… 😁😘😝 Here for you, SINCE THE 90s TIL ALWAYS :* #hb #domecafe #shangrila

WARNING: lengthy disclaimer ahead.✌ Finally done replying to messages asking if I’m engaged… I am not. My April Fools post stated the obvious, but… not everyone reads captions in full context, so, sorry for the confusion. Can’t blame them… I tend to skim my news feed too, & instantly Like friends’ photos —specially if chubby cheeked children are involved.

To those who wanted a closer shot… What do you think? I tried on what I liked among the simplest / least extravagant collection. Jewelry enthusiasts, we can’t dismiss the notable superiority of DeBeers’ intricate crafting, heirloom value, etc… But, as I said on that post, IT’S NOT part of THE (my) DREAM.

By all means, if it’s in your well wishes to offer your fiancé an engagement ring from the finest reputable jewelry brands, do it. Nothing wrong with that, especially if you have the financial capacity & aren’t looking into debt. I know people who own such (while for some, it’s future “requirement”).

But… To lay it out candidly, what’s part of my dream is a modest ring… a humble, beautiful piece that can be worn almost carelessly, with rocks that aren’t huge enough to get caught on delicate fabrics / interrupt my daily duties. One extraordinary ring I’ve seen is a friend’s… with delicate bead-set diamond borders surrounding her 2.5 carat solitaire center stone. She can’t do small chores without removing it though. It scratches her face. But she loves it! We admire it together. Suits her perfectly…

Although I’m efficient in carrying thousands of euros in cash form / goods attached to my body (given my job) on a regular basis… in my personal life, however, it’s just unnecessary to handle the trouble. I’d feel better if the ring does NOT cost excessively / look too flashy. (Instead, I’d suggest a hundred ways on how to maximize that money wiser –-whether on things or the more valuable intangibles.) 

I’d shy away if a lavish ring steals the limelight off a meaningful love story (in my case, which I hope to be more encouraging to people & glorifying to God). On a more personal level, I have seen a ring, in exquisite form, right below me, by a bended knee. Why isn’t it on my finger now? There were bigger realities to consider (that I wouldn’t expound on publicly). It’s not just about an engagement token, nor should tying the knot be an end goal. (Of course, you knew that. But a little reminding could save a life.;)

Some of the saddest truths I deal with include comforting friends who felt happier before they got married. Spending on a grand wedding but neglecting to invest on growing as individuals & being more faithful as a couple… is tragic from what I’ve seen. I also think it’s unfair to measure a man’s intent with diamond size / IF - VVS (clarity), it’s of minute importance on a world scale. Commitment given is vaster than something from a lighted box. #mytwocents

Touchdown #MonteCarlo. Entered the private lounge, asked some male colleagues, “Is he alright? What’s making him happy lately?”

All dead stares. Finally, one uttered, “Don’t… ask us… million dollar questions.” I half smiled, realizing the ridiculousness of obtaining an optimistic response. But out of interest & concern, I went on, “OK… Word shift, what’s been [pleasing] him?” No answer…

A: “Am I with living human beings here?”
MC: “No. We’re merely existing. #Madness in this trauma camp… But you’re here now! So… (raises both arms) I can have breakfast tomorrow!”

We exchanged serious looks, quietly, in a way that could only be empathized + elaborated among ourselves. 💼

// (P.S. If you can easily be #HAPPY with the littlest, YOU HAVE A LOT TO BE THANKFUL FOR. ⛅
#dusk #moneycantbuyeverything #palife #Monaco

"You’re well-known as good & forgiving,
bighearted to all who ask for #help.
Pay attention, God, to my prayer;
bend down & listen to my cry for help.
Every time I’m in trouble I call on you,
#confident that you’ll answer.”

📖😌 #TheMessage #Psalm 86; #rich in #lovingkindness, #abundant in #mercy; #Jesus. #love #nomatterwhat 🌟🙌🌈

Going the extra mile (literally).
A few days late, but hey,
come to think of it…
All [this] took place
just at the right time.

#LifeHappening :* #Beijing #China #Asia

I could choose to be offended or
#enjoy the rest of the night (/ my life). #haha 👌

V: (catches me dish washing) “Noooo! No, no…”
A: “Please, let me help.” (continues washing)
V: “K! I’ll do it again later anyway.”
A: :o

Whaaat… 😂 #friendsplace #hangoutspace (“You do not redo this that has been done.” #lol)

#WatchWednesday #Daytona = precise, reliable, waterproof, comfortable, elegant… The u l t i m a t e #chronograph. 🏆 (at Burj Khalifa | برج خليفة)

Decluttering C2’s #wardrobe. //
Filtering out the unnecessary,
making space for the new,
welcoming the next season.

#C2sPersonalStylist #missoni #carolinaherrera #chloe #winter #spring #personalstylist

Was waiting in line for a cab when I remembered our hilarious, embarrassing scenarios earlier :)) This little kid looking irritable / bored noticed me trying to hold the laughter. I smiled & motioned that her floral headband was nice, then she kept grinning… So cute. #asmilegoesalongway #citywalk #thenoodlehousedubai

For You do great wonders & Your #mercy endures..

(Psalm 136; Isaiah 54:10)

#Kleinmont #SouthAfrica

Preparing a #surprise #lunch for Han Han before she arrives in less than an hour… :>

The dish that took longest to make:
Lobster canapé =
Layers of
#Eggplant cooked in evo w/ garlic & onions;
Boiled #potatoes;
Cheddar #cheese;
Deep fried #lobster balls;
Fresh #mint

#hb! 👌🌻💋

It’s official! (This wasn’t part of the #dream, but… Yes! OK.) #lovelove 😂 T,T

#debeers #haha #wait #imnotagoodliar (Also, I doubt I’d be happy announcing the brand name of my #engagementring lest it overpowers the much higher importance of what’s truly being celebrated… #shinebrightlikeadiamond #lol) Sorry! Couldn’t stop cringing… ;)) #happyaprilfools 💝💍🎉

Was getting through the jam-packed crowd, when I overheard socializers discussing how this man looked like #AlPacino* as he blushed… My arm went over 2 C-level looking #expats, & reached to shake *his hands with widened eyes, saying, “I loooove your movies.”, then I walked out…

#HakkasanDubai #FarEast #Dining #LetMePass #PLS :)) Fine #AsianCuisine. Ideal for formal celebratory dinners, but make your reservation. Stay inside when you want #AloneTime, go outdoors (ground floor) when you’re on a social vibe. Impeccable service. Cozy terrace tables —where I like to hide. (at Hakkasan)